5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Dedicated Server in India

As technology advances, the hosting and security industries are becoming increasingly important. Most companies and brands adopt the latest technologies for achieving superior efficiency, optimal customer experience, and productivity. 

Choosing a dedicated server in India is really nice, especially for high-traffic websites as well as those who are more concerned about security. A Dedicated server is especially beneficial for those whose first goal is to protect the websites from hackers, malwares, and DDOS attacks. Choosing a web hosting type is not enough you choose the best web hosting provider for buying a dedicated server hosting in India. There are some common mistakes that you should avoid when you choose a dedicated server in India. In this post, these mistakes are discussed in detail. So let’s start!

What Not to do When Choosing a Dedicated Server India 

What Not to do When Choosing a Dedicated Server India 

Not Going For Top-Notch Security And Performance

Is there any solution to increase the availability of the application and website? This is all possible with the help of India dedicated hosting. When we compare a Dedicated server to a shared server which server is more reliable obviously a Dedicated server is more reliable. In this way, you will never be able to provide your location to malware or spammers.

Hosting providers that offer dedicated servers without either of these two features (performance or security) will fail to meet your needs. It is important for those companies that process transactions via FTP or SSL to increase security. The majority of dedicated server hosts provide 24/7 troubleshooting and complaints support. Take advantage of these benefits and avoid making this mistake.

Compromising Flexibility 

A dedicated server in India gives authority to adjust the server according to the needs such as CPU, RAM, Storage, and software needs. Further In the shared server clients have no authority to take a decision server related. 

Buying dedicated servers from providers without customization options is a suicide mission. Scalability is one of its most important features. With the help of a dedicated server, your website cannot compromise any needs. This server gives complete freedom on how you optimize and configure. 

Unable to Choose a Reliable Server 

In the year 2021 server reliability plays an important role. For any reason, if your website fails then your competitors will get ahead. If your server is not reliable then the following situation your website faces:- 

  1. A website cannot run 24/7, 365 days a year, with minimal uptime.
  2. In peak hours your website runs slow. 

You should choose that dedicated hosting India plan which is reliable and gives maximum uptime and faster speed. 

Lack of Control 

When we talk about one of the most important benefits that give a dedicated server in India is they give complete freedom to take a decision server related. In most cases, your service provider will choose which web management tools and applications to use. You’re in big trouble if you’ve been given a dedicated server where the control has been compromised. So you cant follow these mistakes and try to avoid this. The impotant point is that you will get complete authority to take a decision server related. 

Not Getting Own Unique IP Address

A dedicated server hosting India gives unique IP addresses to every server. This feature gives multiple benefits such as:- 

  1. You can access your website at any time.
  2. From an Email Sender’s Reputation point of view, it is impotant. You can save your website from any type of trouble. 
  3. This is an advantage for a Business identity purpose. Suppose you run an eCommerce website and you cannot use third-party services for the payments so you will choose a dedicated IP address and an SSL certificate which offers security that the customer’s information cannot leak.  

Having no IP address is almost as bad as not having a dedicated server. You should ask and verify with the provider if you will be getting one, as this is the least possible. Don’t do mistakes try to avoid this.

In India Who is The Best Provider of Dedicated Server?

If you searching for a web hosting provider in India for buying India Dedicated Hosting then I highly recommend a Hostbillo Hosting solution. Hostbillo is a Trusted and reputed provider. Most companies say that they give the first priority to their customers but in a reality, they give the first priority to earning profits. If any customers face any technical problem then thay take more time to resolve the issue. But Hostbillo is not of them they give the first priority to giving excellent results to its customers and with minimal time they try to solve the technical issue. They give many benefits with its Dedicated Server in India plans such as:- 

  • Extendable SSDs and RAM 
  • Data Encryption 
  • DDOS Protection 
  • No Setup cost
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Robust Bandwidth
  • 99.90% Uptime Guarantee
  • SSH Root Access
  • Data Center Choice
  • 7 Days Credit-Back Guarantee


If your current server cant fulfill website requirements and cannot handle traffic then you moving through a Dedicated server in India. This server fulfills all the requirements of the website and easily handles the traffic that your website receives. A dedicated server India gives many benefits such as complete freedom, a High level of security, Unique IP addresses, offer dedicated hardware, no purchase, and maintenance cost, offers a greater degree of reliability, and offers Quick Customization.

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