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Talk about Rigging and Lifting Safety

Safety protocols should be learned for any job that involves working in a hazardous environment. It is both a wise decision for everyone and a benefit to the safety of all. Mechanical lifting and rigging work falls under the high hazards category. These incidents can cause minor injuries, serious injuries or even fatalities. It should be part the regulation that employees are made aware of potential hazards and how to avoid them. Safety should be a top priority.

Accidents That May Occur in Lifting and Rigging

While there are many problems that can occur when lifting or rigging, certain things are more likely. There are many ways to get injured or killed when a wire rope, sling, chain or sling breaks during crane lifting. Here are some of the potential injuries:

·  Sprains can be painful

·  Loading a load and getting crushed

·  Being treated

·  Someone falling

·  Falling load

Sometimes, even when the most precautions are being taken, unfortunate events can occur. Knowing the risks involved in working is crucial. This will help them be more aware of their surroundings and better protect themselves. All should wear appropriate PPE.

Crane safety toolbox talk Safe Work Habits

It is important to keep safe when working in a building site or warehouse. There are many scenarios where workers can be injured or even die. Everyone should be trained on safety procedures. It can help avoid many cases where people can get hurt.


It is vital to be properly trained for the work environment. A lack of knowledge or information will only result in injuries and other accidents. Operators of machinery, as well as those who assist with heavy machinery such as cranes and heavy machinery, should have the appropriate training.

Be attentive

While working on a construction site, or operating heavy machinery, you must always be aware and alert to your surroundings. Safety is dependent on it. When you do not know the people and things around you, it is easy to make mistakes.

Written Plans

A project should always be planned properly. A well-planned plan will make it easier to operate machinery. These ideas should be well thought out and documented. This will make it clear exactly what is happening.

Stand Strong

It is essential that everyone understands how to stay clear when rigging is being done. The load being transported should be kept out of reach of people. They should also know to remain clear. Use the proper supplies to avoid being in danger from the load.

Proper Storage

Cleanliness is key when working on a construction site. This will prevent injuries and accidents from occurring. All rigging needs to have designated storage areas. This will ensure that the machinery is protected and minimize potential hazards to employees.


You should inspect any equipment that is being used. Inspect the machine to ensure that it is in good condition. The machine should still be inspected every now and again, even during normal use. This will make sure that the machine is being used in a safe manner. If equipment has issues, it poses a greater risk to operators and others who may be nearby.

Be prepared

To make sure everything goes smoothly, plan out the route that you’ll take with the rig. This way, you know what you should avoid and what the terrain is like. This will lower the likelihood of problems happening, and it will make you feel more confident.

Rigging and Lifting can cause serious injuries

Similar to any other construction job, there are risks involved in lifting or moving heavy machinery. Every employee needs to be aware of the hazards they present and how they can best be avoided. It would be a good idea for employees to attend regular meetings and provide training opportunities. You need to be aware that there are several dangers.

·  Swinging lots

·  Holding taglines

·  pinch points

·  Elevated surfaces

·  Mobility equipment

·  Slippery Surfaces

·  Trip hazards

·  Safety precautions for lifting and rigging

Safety Tips on Lifting and Rigging

When rigging jobs are performed, you should ensure that your attention is focused on the task at hand. Your safety and the safety of those around you is at stake. Let’s examine some safety guidelines that you can use to be as safe possible.

·  Always keep your load balanced

·  Always inspect all your loads.

·  Check that the people with whom you are working are qualified

·  Take out any machine that is having technical difficulties.

·  Make sure that no one is near your job.

·  You always have a spotter to assist

·  Never leave loads hanging!

·  Find out the weight limits of your rig

·  Know the boom length

·  Know the radius around the rig

·  Be sure to know how many legs there are

·  Be aware of your maximum angle.

·  Use strong and durable slings

·  Store the rig properly and your supplies well

A misusing crane lifting or mechanical lifting equipment is one of most common causes for injury or incidents. It is also common to find a problem with a crane or machine that has not been thoroughly inspected prior and after use. An inspection of the heavy machinery before using could avoid many problems.

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