How a PBX Phone System Can Benefit Your Hotel

If you’re a hotel or other property owner, a PBX phone system can greatly benefit your business. The omnichannel communications features of modern PBX systems allow you to connect with guests on their preferred channel, while synching relevant information across all channels. With this type of system, you can gain an unprecedented level of insight into your guests’ behavior, which opens up many benefits for your property. Continue reading to learn how a PBX can enhance your business operations.

Cloud-hosted PBX

A cloud-hosted PBX phone system is an innovative solution that enables businesses to improve their business communication by using advanced features, including secure video conferencing, business text messaging, and web and mobile apps. Users can access and use the system from any computer or mobile device, and they can manage their call flows and call recipients from a desktop or mobile device. In addition to its flexibility, a cloud PBX phone system also provides robust data reporting and analytics capabilities.

A cloud-hosted PBX phone system eliminates the need for complex hardware and requires no technical know-how to set up. Users are charged only for the services they actually need, reducing the total cost of ownership. And because the cost of a cloud-hosted PBX phone system is shared by thousands of users, the upfront investment is minimal. Fixed lines cost much more per-unit, making the cloud-hosted system a better option for small businesses that have limited staff and a low call volume.

On-premises PBX

While an On-premises PBX phone system provides many benefits, it also comes with several limitations. These limitations are usually expensive to fix and require time and resources to implement. Another downside is the potential for out-of-date features. Most PBX phone systems have dated hardware and software, which can make updating them a painstaking process. Fortunately, a move to the cloud can ensure that employees always have access to the latest calling features and versions. Top-tier cloud providers also automatically upgrade the calling features and services, which means no need to update a PBX phone system.

On-premise PBX phone systems require the installation of hardware. This hardware requires a router and a server. Then, telephone lines are plugged into them. The router then sends signaling and calls to the provider. You pay a monthly fee to your provider, and they take care of any maintenance and feature updates. The advantage of this system is that it takes the burden off of the IT department.

Voicemail-to-Email PBX

A Voicemail-to-Email PBx can send email notifications to users when new voicemails are received. This feature also enables users to listen to the voicemails from their email inbox. Unlike traditional dial-in voicemail boxes, a Voicemail-to-Email PBX is completely automated, which means that it can save time and effort on your part. You can set up this service for your entire company in a matter of minutes.

Another great feature of a Voicemail-to-Email PBx is its ability to forward voicemails as audio files. This way, you can listen to voicemails while away from the office and take action on urgent messages. You can choose to have an email notification with the audio file attached or a voicemail to email containing the audio file. If you do not want to receive emails with your voicemails, you can choose to forward them to another email address.

Conference calling PBX

If your business uses conference calling frequently, you will want to set up your PBX to support it. Conference calling lets you invite people from inside or outside your organization to join a conference call. You can set up your conference room in the PBX by dialing the number specified for the conference. After you’ve added the conference room object, you can also add the call recording object to the main configuration screen. Be sure to connect the conferencing object to inbound numbers so that it can be recorded.

The real PBX conferencing services are highly reliable and offer excellent voice quality. You can link multiple people to one call, cutting down on travel expenses. Real PBX conference calling is easy to use and enables you to increase your productivity with just a few clicks. Once your PBX supports three-way calling, you can start using it immediately. These features come standard with AgileIP PBX platform. It is not difficult to install them in your business.

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