How To Choose ATV And Buggies?

ATVs and buggies are a special type of transport designed for active people of any age who prefer high speeds and extreme sports.

Quad Cycle

The ATV combines simplicity and the best qualities of a car, a motorcycle, and a bicycle. However, its advantages are obvious:

  • Ease of use,
  • Safety,
  • Maneuverability.

This technique is usually referred to as a sports and entertainment class, but in fact, an ATV can have many more applications.

Choosing an ATV

With the growing popularity of ATVs, there is a huge number of different models. How to choose the right one that will last a long time and with maximum benefit?

First, you need to decide on the number of people who will ride the ATV. Two will be much more comfortable on a full-fledged two-seater model due to the elongated base. When choosing an ATV, you should take care of protection from possible hijackers. And, of course, often the choice is influenced by the budget of the buyer.

If you decide to buy

  1. Determine what model of ATV you need, depending on your goals. There are the following types of ATVs:
  2. Sports units are ideal for fast driving on a relatively flat road. ATVs of this type are distinguished by a powerful engine (speed up to 150 km / h), relatively small wheels with an almost smooth tread pattern, low ground clearance, low weight, and aggressive design. Most ATVs of this type are rear-wheel drive and equipped with a manual gearbox.
  3. Utility ATVs are distinguished by their high power, large wheels, and spacious trunk, they are ideal for hunting and fishing. This type of ATV is capable of speeds from 50 to 90 km/h. With the help of a utility quad bike, you can easily overcome obstacles that are beyond the power of a jeep. Utility ATVs are equipped with all-wheel drive.
  4. For the final selection of a suitable model, it is necessary to pay attention to the ease of operation, dimensions, seat, and, most importantly, technical characteristics:
  5. Utility ATVs have the highest carrying capacity, they can withstand loads weighing up to 150 – 160 kg. The carrying capacity of sports and touring ATVs varies from 75 kg to 150 kg.
  6. Utility ATVs are usually equipped with a hydraulic disc brake system, on sports ATVs, the classic option is a front disc brake or a rear drum brake.
  7. Fuel system. On powerful utility ATVs, as a rule, a carburetor or injector is installed; sport and touring ATVs are also equipped with a carbureted fuel system.
  8. Power and engine size. Utility engines are distinguished by their high power, their engine displacement varies from 150 cm3 to 800 cm3. Sports and touring ATVs have less power, and their engine size is usually in the range of 50 to 150 cm3.

The automatic transmission performs the function of changing gears, and on ATVs, this system works the same way as on cars. Most often, an automatic transmission is installed on utility and touring ATVs, thanks to which it allows you to choose between high and low gears.


Buggy is the embodiment of the best ideas taken from different types of motorcycles. This technique has the highest level of safety not only for its operator but also for existing passengers:

In addition to this, the control process is so simple that anyone can quickly master this technique, regardless of age. In addition, you can travel by buggy not only in summer, as many people often mistakenly believe, but also in any other season.

Safety first

If you decide to choose a buggy as an outdoor activity, you need to consider the following point – riding a buggy should be extremely safe. This is what should be given the highest attention. Indeed, in the process of conquering impregnable landscapes, dizzying coups are possible, which should not harm the driver.

The protective cage and frame structure must be strong and able to protect the pilot while riding. The steel sheet located at the bottom of the car should prevent collisions and impacts on various obstacles.

Where can you ride it?

Existing models, despite some characteristics of a general type, differ in individual indicators. For example, if you take cross-country driving – the most important advantage of a buggy, then any model will cope with this task.

Another thing is riding around the city, not every buggy will conquer the paved road. By the way, rough terrain is different. It is worth considering this before purchasing a buggy.


So, if you decide to buy either of them. Make sure you understand them completely and know everything about them before you make a final decision.

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