How To Find the Best Attorney to Help You Get Off the Drug Driving Charges

Driving under the influence of drugs is referred to as “drug driving” in NSW. It is also known as “driving while having an illicit substance in your system.” This crime relates to operating a motor vehicle while impaired by drugs or alcohol. Cannabis, MDMA/ecstasy, amphetamines, and cocaine are prohibited substances. 92% of the 8,253 people prosecuted by the police in 2015 were accused of drug driving for the first time. Since then, the figures have increased.

How do you pick the ideal criminal defence attorney? The savvy consumer does extensive research before choosing any product, just like any other. Once you have a list of Sydney drug lawyers with experience in the field for some years, you should thoroughly investigate each potential candidate.

Sydney is one of Australia’s largest cities, with 53.1 lakhs. It is a vibrant city known for its classy beaches, high-end infrastructure, stunning Opera House, etc. To hire a drug lawyer in Sydney, you must pay anywhere between AU$300 and AU$800 per hour. The following advice will help you select the best attorney to help you get off the charges.

Surf The Net For Online Reviews

Look up reviews of them online. Positive client testimonials are a sign of a competent legal team. Find reviews by searching for the company name plus “reviews” on Google.

Ask About Their Experience

Remember that a lawyer with more experience will likely charge on the higher side than someone just out of law school. You might have to pay a little more for the best quality, but the chances of winning the case increase. Furthermore, considering that your reputation and freedom are on the line, it is worthwhile to think about going a little further to ensure that outcomes go as far as they can go your way.

Check Their Qualifications

Verify their standing and reputation in the industry. You don’t want “just any” Sydney drug-driving attorney. Choose a team with a strong credentials list and a proven track record of success.

Choose The One Specialised In Your Case Area

Some lawyers specialise in various fields, including criminal, corporate, employment, and family law. An attorney specialising in criminal law is best qualified to take charge of your case because they only practice criminal law. Instead of taking a chance, you should hire one of the best Sydney drug lawyers.

Sydney is listed in the top 10 expensive cities to stay in, and it is the vibrant capital city of New South Wales. The median base salary of a new drug lawyer in Sydney is AU$61,880, while professional drug lawyers with 20+ years of experience earn an average of AU$150,000.

Know About Their Success Ratio

The field of law always has some element of uncertainty. Your attorney cannot promise a particular result for your case. However, if you select a lawyer with positive testimonials and a successful track record, you can rest much easier knowing they are fully capable of handling your case.

Get Your Questions Ready

Before choosing a lawyer, be sure to ask a lot of questions and discuss your case. To ensure you don’t forget anything, research and come up with important questions. Write the questions and ask openly without hesitation. Discuss how they can assist you, what you must do, and what the court process entails. You will feel more knowledgeable about each process phase in this way.

Check Comfortability Upon Meeting

Consult with your attorney. Your drug lawyer should be motivated to produce the best results and passionate about their work. They should carefully consider how they can assist you after hearing the story from your perspective. You should also feel at ease and free from bias based on your situation.


You may benefit from hiring a drug attorney in Sydney to assist you in defending against criminal accusations. Being accused of drugged driving can result in fines and licence loss. A competent attorney will persuade the judge to minimise the charges, monetary fine, and duration of the licence suspension. An excellent drug driving attorney is a crucial asset to keep your driving privileges and avoid fines.

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