Introducing Sage 100 2022

What’s happening in the Latest Release …

Sage 100 2022 is presently accessible. With new highlights crossing deals and bookkeeping to stock and creation the board, here’s a gander at what’s happening in the most recent delivery.

Worldwide Changes

These efficient changes to center usefulness are much of the time propelled by Sage 100 clients. Here are a portion of your thoughts that were integrated into the Sage 100 2022 delivery:

  • Reject Inactive Items From Lookups – a ‘Show Inactive Items’ check box permits you to incorporate/bar things from Lookups in the event that the Inactive check enclose Item Maintenance is chosen for the thing.
  • Look for Quotes – a new ‘Statements’ check box on the ‘Quest for Open Orders’ window in Sales Order empowers you to find statements for the ongoing client rapidly.

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  • Look for Orders – When looking for orders involving the Search for Sales Orders window, you can choose check boxes relating to the request types to remember for your query items. All deals request types are currently accessible, including statements, ace requests, and rehashing orders.
  • Choice to Save Date Selections for Reports – while making/changing a report setting, you can determine whether you need to save the dates entered in the Selections matrix for simple re-use.

No Subscription Required

Various more up to date includes that were previously restrictive to Sage 100 Subscription clients are presently accessible to all clients, paying little mind to permit type, including:

  • Spell Check: a red line shows up under incorrectly spelled words. On the money click the word to see a rundown of ideas, disregard the incorrect spelling, or add it to your custom word reference.
  • Full Text Search in Lookups: In Lookup sees, in the Search show, you can choose Full Text. Your pursuit rules is then matched against all text in the records rather than a solitary field.
  • Subject Maintenance: Allows you to redo the presence of Sage 100 windows.
  • Report Date Warnings: This element permits you to show an advance notice message when a client enters a date that is beyond settings characterized in Company Maintenance.
  • More Image Attachment Options – in Inventory Management, you presently have more choices while transferring pictures in Item Maintenance including JPG, PNF, and TIFF.

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Upgraded Visual Process Flows Experience

Various changes to the Visual Process Flows fashioner making it more straightforward to utilize including:

You can choose various components simultaneously utilizing the Shift key while clicking with your mouse. You can likewise move and resize the components together and make extremely durable gatherings.

Buttons with up/down and left/right bolts have been added to the Actions window so you can move the Actions window to one more region of the Designer.

Rules currently seem when you begin to move a component to assist you with adjusting it to different components in the Designer window. Also, you never again need to press the Enter key to add text to a component.

Creation Management Changes

Maybe the greatest area of concentration for the Sage 100 2022 delivery is on Production Management which is currently essential for the center Sage 100 program, done requiring a different introduce. What’s more, Production Management is in the business object system and will supplant heritage Work Order and MRP modules.

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