Mount Kailash Facts & Mysteries

Here we have collected 15 secrets, mysteries, or facts about Mount Kailash, and maybe give you some new insight into it.

Mount Kailash is located in western Tibet. At an elevation of 6,656 meters above sea level, Mt.Kailash is not a high mountain in Tibet. But it’s been worshipped as a famous sacred site by countless people of Buddhism, Bon, Hinduism, and Jainism. Hinduism believes that the mountain is the residence of Shiva and the center of the world, while Jainism believes that the mountain is the place where its ancestor Rishabhanatha attained the path, Tibetan Buddhism believes that this mountain is the residence of Cakrasamvara representing boundless happiness, and for Bönpo Religion, Mt Kailash is a nine-story swastika mountain that is the seat of spiritual power.

So this spiritual mountain is actually the center of the world and the holy place of many sects. The miracles at Kailash Mansarovar have been constantly heard, speculated, talked about, and even investigated, but so far there is no conclusion.

1. Kailash Mountain Is Unclimbable

Mount Kailash’s height is 6,656 meters above sea level. It is not the tallest mountain in Tibetan areas. However, no one has climbed Mount Kailash summit. The ancient legend claimed that only Milarepa, a Buddhist monk had peaked Mount Kailash.

2. The Climbers’ Mysterious Death

A team of scientists who intended to climb to the top of Mount Kailash finally gave up on the advice of a Tibetan Lama. Four of the climbers still died within a year or two. It is said climbing mount Kailash will offend the gods.

3. The Cross Mark Proved the Existence of religion Masters

A groove and a gouge form a giant cross mark on the mountain. The groove around the waist of Kailash Mountain is here neck’s snake. The gouge was left when Milarepa was fighting with Naro Bönchung for the control of Kailash Mansarovar.

4. Kailash Peak Is Pyramid

Scientists have discovered that the top of Mt. Kailash is actually a man-made vacuum pyramid. It is surrounded by more than 100 other small pyramids. According to preliminary estimates, the direct height of the pyramid complex is between 100 and 1,800 meters, while the Egyptian pyramid is only 146 meters. If true, it would be larger than any known pyramid today.

5. Supernatural Energy Created Mt. Kailash

The Kailash Pyramids miracle was probably built by an advanced civilization that understood the subtle laws of energy (the twist field) and how to control energy and time.

6. Google Maps show the center location of Mt.Kailash

Kailash Mountain is the axis of the universe, the center of the world, and the pillar of the world. It is the place where the earth connects with heaven. As you can see from Google Maps, the distance from Stonehenge in the UK to Mt Kailash is 6,666 kilometers, which is also the distance from Kailash Range to the North Pole. The distance from Mt Kailash to the South Pole is 13,332 kilometers, which is exactly twice the distance to the North Pole or Stonehenge.

7. Mt Kailash Is Also the Energy Center of Earth

Mt Kailash is the center of a worldwide system that connects mystical sites and energy sites from around the world, including the Pyramids of Egypt, the Pyramids of Mexico, Easter Island, Stonehenge, and the North Pole… which constitute the global energy grid system.

8. Kailash Range Area Will Accelerated Aging

Some scientists believe that the Kailash range is a vortex of energy that lifts the body and mind. It is said that people who spend 12 hours in the vicinity of Kailash experience accelerated hair and fingernails growth, which is equivalent to two weeks of normal time.

9. Mount Kailash is the prototype of Mount Meru, the world center recorded in Hinduism and Buddhism.

10. Mansarovar Lake & Lake Rakshastal Represent Yin-Yang

There are two lakes at the foot of Mount Kailash. Mansarovar Lake was originally in the Hindu god’s thoughts and then visualized on the earth. This holy lake is a freshwater lake, whereas, the Rakshas Tal Lake is a saltwater lake. One shapes like the sun, and the other shapes like the moon. The two lakes represent light and darkness respectively.

11. Mount Kailash’s satellite view shows that the shadow side of the Kailash Himalaya is like Shiva’s face, smiling.

12. Kailash Parvat Mystery

Viewing from the south of the ridge, you can see the Kailash Parvat’s Hindu OM(ॐ) symbol. The huge ice trough and horizontal rock formations from the top of the mountain constitute this symbol. 

13. Lord Shiva and Rishabhanatha store their knowledge at Kailash Himalaya

When we say that Mount Kailash is the residence of Lord Shiva, it does not mean that Lord Shiva was in the Himalayas or hiding in the mountains, but that he stores the knowledge of enlightenment there in a specific form of energy. Similarly, Buddhists say that their three main bodhisattvas: Guanyin Bodhisattva, Vajrasattva Bodhisattva, and Manjushri Bodhisattva all live in Mt.Kailash, while Jains say that their first ancestor Rishabhanatha also lives there. This does not mean that they actually live there, but that they store the knowledge and truth of enlightenment there.

14. Four Asia Rivers Source From Kailash Mansarovar

Kailash Himalaya and the lake Manasarovar nearby give birth to the Indus River, Ganges, Sutlej River, and the Brahmaputra in Asia. Originating from there, the four rivers set off at the same time but flowed in different directions. After traveling tens of thousands of miles, they went to the same destination—the Indian Ocean.

15. Kailash range area exists in underground cities

There are two dungeons in the area around Kailash, Shambhala and Agartha. They are two branches of human civilization. These two advanced civilizations come from the Gobi Desert and the Himalayas respectively.

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