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It’s the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker is the Ninja Coffee Bar in all other respects, except for its name. The company has changed its name, however the two brewers are nearly identical. They both come with a variety of sizes for brewing, as well as a range of brewing options including an integrated milk frother. These features are combined to let you brew any type of coffee, from caramel macchiato, to simple the black coffee.Thanks to its greater versatility over standard drip coffee makers the Ninja Coffee Bar has arguably created a lasting impression on the coffee industry.

Notable Features

Six sizes of brewing: The brewer can make cups (9.5 ounces) and XL cup (11.5 pounds) and a the travel-mug (14 ounces) and the XL multi-serve (18 pounds) and half-carafe (30 grams) and a full carafe (44 grams). For the last two sizes the machine comes with an insulated glass carafe as well as warming plates.

Four brewing options: Like the original Ninja Coffee Bar, the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker offers an old-fashioned coffee brew mode, an intense blend mode (for stronger coffee) as well as an over-ice brew feature (for Iced coffee) and a specialty mode for brewing, which produces four-ounces of concentrated coffee to be used in lattes, macchiatos and other drinks made of coffee.

Built-in milk frother It is pulled out from the left-hand side of the machine. It can be switched on by pressing its power button. The whisk that is used to make the milk is removed from the machine, making it easy to wash the whisk clean when you’re done.

Drop stopper: The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker has a drip stop lever, when activated it stops the pouring of the coffee in the carafe permitting you to make a cup of coffee before the entire pot is prepared when you’re not waiting for your morning coffee.

Clean mode This brewer has an exclusive cleaning mode that has the “clean” button to activate it. The button will illuminate when the machine suggests that you use the clean cycle. This specific cycle, employed with either a decaling solution , or with white vinegar will eliminate calcium scale in the lines inside the device.

How Well Does the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker Work?

We put through the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker through the CR lab tests and tested it in real-world scenarios at home. We found that our engineers tried the glass-carafe model of the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker (model #CM401) and discovered that it provides excellent coffee brewing performance, making an entire carafe of coffee within 7 minutes. The carafe itself is simple to handle and pour coffee into, and the brewer performs well in our tests for convenience that evaluate how easily it is possible to fill the reservoir with water, set the filter in the right place, cleanse the machine, and so on. We set up the machine at home and set it up and operated the Ninja Specialty Specialty Coffee Maker’s thermal carafe model (model #CM407) to replace our regular coffee maker. The machine was easy to set up and use however we ended up needing to reference the user’s manual included times in order to become familiar with the machine’s different modes and functions. However, the manual was simple to follow, and the machine ran perfectly, allowing us to make iced coffees, lattes as well as regular hot joe without difficulty. We also appreciated having various sizes of options and being in a position to make stronger cups of coffee when we needed a boost to kickstart our morning.However it’s true that the espresso drinks, though delicious, were not as great as the ones we have at our local coffee bar.

Who Is the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker For?

This Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker is designed for those who are sick of the same old cup of black coffee each morning, and would like the flexibility in being able make an entire carafe in the next day, and traveling mugs the next day, or even a coffee in the morning and iced coffee during the day. The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker is great for people who prefer a single-serve brewer which doesn’t require the use of coffee pods.

How Consumer Reports Tests Drip Coffee Makers

Every drip maker is tested in Consumer Reports’ labs undergoes rigorous tests to ensure that it can make a high-quality cup of coffee that will last for many more mornings to be. We first perform a brew-performance test in order to test the temperature of the brew and the time of contact (how much time the water is in the sweet spot between the 195deg F between 195 and 205 degrees F to brew). We also determine the amount of the coffee we brewed to ensure that it isn’t too weak or strong. Then we run convenience tests on every machine to assess the ease with which you can create timers, fill the reservoir, and utilize the appliance.Finally we integrate brand-specific information on reliability predictions and the satisfaction of owners through our quarterly survey from CR members into every model.

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